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Solar Window Film and TintingEnergy saving and solar window films and tinting represent the latest in window film/tinting technology. Eco-friendly window films and tinting provide a completely invisible protective shield from the suns heat and ultra violet light.

By restricting the amount of solar heat that enters your building, these window films and tinting will significantly reduce your cooling costs.

Solar film/tint offer more than energy savings. By blocking 99% of the sun's ultra violet light, solar films prevents fading of your furniture, pictures, paintings, and other fabrics. These films also shield your skin from the same damaging UV rays.

Solar window films and energy-saving films and tinting are now classified by the federal government as a "Green" building material.

Eco-FriendlyEmerald Coast Glass Products offers installation of solar and other energy-saving films and tinting to Panama City, Florida, the rest of Florida's Panhandle, and beyond. When you are ready to reduce your carbon footprint with energy saving window film, contact Emerald Coast Glass Products a call at (850) 747-9994.

Energy saving window films and tinting from Emerald Coast Glass Products provide an instant solution to reducing your heating and cooling costs. Our energy efficient films/tint block up to 79% of solar heat gain by deflecting the invisible light away from your home or building. It is this invisible light from the sun that would normally pass heat through the glass in your windows, heating the interior of your building. By blocking this extra heat our solar films and tinting are able to greatly reduce your heating and cooling costs, earning this window film a spot on the list of "Green" building materials. Our solar window films/tint also block up to 99% of UV rays. These UV rays have a damaging effect on your skin even when you are inside. They are also known to cause fading in furniture, fabrics, and pictures.

Window Film and Tinting for Energy Savings and Increased Security

Energy Saving Security Window Film and TintingThe energy saving properties of our solar window film and tinting is also available in a security-rated window film/tint. The solar security films and tinting from Emerald Coast Glass Products offer the energy efficient benefits of our solar window film with the added strength of our security film. Our solar security films and tinting are made to withstand high winds and impacts from storm debris while maintaining the integrity of the glass and eliminates scattering of broken glass should the window break. Enjoy the benefits of this added security along with the energy-saving properties of our solar film/tint all without replacing your existing windows!

Nearly every home and business has a room or area that is particularly susceptible to solar heat gain. In most cases, this room is the place we spend the most time in such as the living room and family room of your home, or the showroom or front office in your commercial building. The reason these areas are so susceptible to solar heat gain is due to the number of windows in the area. Windows that do not refract solar heat through either a solar window film or other chemical treatment, will allow heat and UV rays from the sun to pass through. This excess heat increases the temperature in the room, thus increasing the use of your air conditioner.